Expression profile for AAC75741 (AAC75741)

Aliases : recA, b2699

Description : DNA recombination and repair protein; ssDNA-dependent ATPase; synaptase; ssDNA and dsDNA binding protein; ATP-dependent homologous DNA strand exchanger; recombinase A; LexA autocleavage cofactor [Ensembl]. recA bacterial DNA recombination protein [Interproscan].

Sample enrichment: WO153,M-log,novobiocin (SPM: 0.44, entropy: 3.05, tau: 0.84)
Perturbation / strain specificity : WO153 (SPM: 0.78, entropy: 1.58, tau: 0.57)

All conditions

Perturbation / strain specificity

Note: SPM calculations for this profile are done using the maximum value.